Tianfu Greenway, a new "name card" for SW China's Chengdu

Photo/Chengdu Economic Daily

Feb. 12 (NBD) -- As Chinese New Year is approaching, Chengdu, the provincial capital of southwest China's Sichuan province, presents a unique gift to people around the world, the Tianfu Greenway.

The Tianfu Greenway project, which was launched last year, constitutes a part of the city's efforts to build a national central city embodying new development philosophy.  

As of the end of January, 2018, greenways totaling 1,178 kilometers have been under construction and a length of 785 kilometers has been completed.

Here, NBD will unfold the scroll of magnificent and exquisite Tianfu Greenway for you. Please enjoy.

Photo/Chengdu Economic Daily

(Some photos are provided by the Hi-tech Zone, Qingbaijiang, Jianyang, Jintang, Xinjin, etc.)

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