U.S. auto maker develops body tracking tech for car production

Ford Motor is now developing technology typically used by the world's top sport stars to perfect technique, to help workers adopt good posture and enhance production.

The U.S. auto maker said on Tuesday that the pilot system, created by Ford and the Instituto Biomecanica de Valencia in Spain, is using special suit equipped with advanced body tracking technology.

Player motion technology usually records how athletes sprint or turn, enabling sport coaches to unlock the potential of sport stars. Ford is using it to design less physically stressful workstations for enhanced manufacturing quality.

"It's been proven on the sports field that with motion tracking technology, tiny adjustments to the way you move can have a huge benefit," said Javier Gisbert, production area manager in Ford's Valencia engine assembly plant.

"For our employees, changes made to work areas using similar technology can ultimately ensure that, even on a long day, they are able to work comfortably," he added.

Experts use the data they collect from sensors in the skin-tight suit and cameras to help employees align their posture correctly.

Meanwhile, measurements captured by the system, such as an employee's height or arm length, are used to design workstations, so they better fit employees.

Ford said they are considering further rolling out the system to other manufacturing facilities.


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