Chengdu International Fashion Week 2018 helps decode city's fashion gene


Photo/Dfic (2018 Chengdu International Fashion Week)

Nov.20 (NBD) -- The Chengdu International Fashion Week 2018 was held on November 13-18, featuring a fashion show, a conference centering around the fashion industry, an exhibition of award-winning fashion design works, and a fashion-themed street carnival.

During the 6-day fashion event, a string of international brands including Chloé, Stella McCartney and ETRO, released their 2019 early spring collections.

In addition, the city signed 4 cooperation projects with related companies on the closing ceremony.

Federico Boselli, tenure chairman envoy of Milan Fashion Week, deemed that to host the fashion event would help Chengdu take in more fashion elements outside the city, present its fashion styles to the outside world as well as build a fashion industry system in the city.

Although this is the first time that an international fashion week took place in Chengdu, yet fashion is ubiquitous in the city.

Yu Xiyan, an overseas returnee, who runs a fashion buyer shop in Chengdu, said that the city is a place that is inclusive, fashionable, and always ready to embrace new trends. People in Beijing and Shanghai tend to play safe in clothes matching, whereas people in Chengdu enjoy more fresh collocations.

It is noted that Chengdu was recognized as a "new fashion city" by U.S. media last year. Moreover, it was rated as a first-tier fashion city in China by lifestyle magazine New Weekly this year.

Zhang Qinghui, Chairman of China Fashion Association, told NBD that the city's unique fashion taste is deeply embedded in its culture. Sichuan brocade, for example, an important traditional culture icon, has become a fashion element in works of more and more international designers, Zhang added

Fashion is not only an important industry but also the way how people live and work. Fashion events will help generate new growth drivers for a city and enhance a city's influence.

Federico Boselli hailed the fashion week in Chengdu as a great and innovative event and hoped to witness more fashion events in the city in the coming years.