Who would be your favorite participant? The Short Video Competition - Tianfu Through the Lens calling for public votes


Photo/Zhang Jian (NBD)

Mar. 22 (NBD) – When the lenses are focused on Chengdu, what do you expect to see? The bustling shopping hub Taikoo Li, the cultural heritage of Wu Hou Shrine, or spicy hotpot? Or something more general, like the intertwinement of modernity and tradition, internationalization and locality, and the coexistence of fast-paced as well as laid-back lifestyles?

Now you have a chance to help set a tone for the metropolitan in Southwest China by voting for your favorite participants of The Short Video Competition - Tianfu Through the Lens.

Held by National Business Daily, co-organized by top Chinese entertainment media group Ciwen Media, Visual China Group's 500px, Tencent League of Short Video Production, and with support from Chinese-language website of National Geographic, the Competition has attracted 134 participating teams and individuals as of March 17, the deadline for online registration. 

The participants come from countries including China, Japan, Germany, France, Poland, and South Korea. Industry heavyweights like Huayi Brothers Korea, original short video platform Ergeng, and the most influential MCN institute of Asia WebTVAsia have signed up.

The following stage is preliminary selection which will be determined by a judging panel and public voting at the ratio of 60/40.

Judges will comprehensively assess the participants based on the materials they submitted, while our readers are invited to vote for the teams or individuals based on their "impressiveness".

The Competition's organization committee will open the voting channel on the official platform on March 25. You will see the following information of participants:

1. Self introduction of the team/individual

2. Production ability demonstrated by previous work of the team/individual

3. One-sentence slogan of Chengdu by the team/individual

Links for public vote

Mobile: http://www.nbd.com.cn/corp/20181211Mvideo/vote.html

PC: http://www.nbd.com.cn/corp/20181206shipindasai/production.html

Please vote for the team or individual based on the above information. The page of every team or individual can be shared on social media.

The deadline of public voting is set at 24 o'clock on April 24 Beijing Time. The shortlist will be announced in early May.

Special reminder: Only one vote per day is allowed for every IP address during the voting period, and cheating is strictly prohibited. The organization committee has the right to issue warnings, clear the votes, or even cancel the qualification when cheating behavior is found.

During the public voting period, the organization committee will set up extra "challenge" sessions at promotion events to attract more capable teams and individuals. We will receive onsite registration on March 25 at Communication University of China, Beijing, April 6 at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, and April 14 at Sichuan Provincial Library, Chengdu. Grab the last chance if you got ideas!

How to avoid cliché when telling a story about a city? It's undoubtedly the most challenging aspect. One of the judges of the Competition, Mark Zaslove, who is a renowned movie and TV producer, director, writer and two-time Emmy Awards winner from the U.S., shared his insights when interviewed by NBD.

He thinks the spirit and vitality of a city is best reflected in the faces of local people, and his advice for participants is truth. "Truth is the only thing necessary in art," said Mr. Zaslov, "just show the truth of what you want to say, and it will be a good video."


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