New guideline proposes improved salaries, benefits for teachers



A newly-published guideline on improving the quality of compulsory education has proposed better salaries and benefits for teachers, said a senior official with the Ministry of Education Tuesday.

More favorable policies in public service sectors, including physical examinations, vacations, tourism and housing, will be rolled out for teachers, said Lyu Yugang at a press conference.

Average salaries of teachers in compulsory education schools shall be no lower than the average salaries of civil servants of the same region, Lyu said, citing requirements of the guideline.

More benefits will be given to teachers working in rural, remote and impoverished areas, he said.

The guideline also proposed better merit pay scheme to encourage teachers' initiative and creativity, according to Lyu.

China provides nine years of free and compulsory education, including six years of primary school education and three years of junior middle school education.



Editor: Gao Han