Protagonist of The King's Avatar Ye Xiu becomes a rising virtual idol




July 26 (NBD) -- The King's Avatar, an Esports-themed serial web fiction that first released by online writer Hudielan 8 years ago, is unexpectedly gaining an ever-growing fan base. With the development of the fiction, protagonist Ye Xiu, who debut in 2018, has become an influential virtual idol of Generation-Z. 

As of June 2019, he has acted as spokesperson for 9 brands, including McDonald's, PONDS, and the Bank of China. Ye Xiu is now worth over 1 billion yuan.

"I believe in the era of 5G, the market potential of Ye Xiu will be 10 times or even 100 times larger", said Senior Vice President of China Literature, the developer of Ye Xiu, to NBD.


Editor: Tan Yuhan