Go world champion Ke Jie admitted to Tsinghua University



World's top go player Ke Jie has been officially admitted by China's elite Tsinghua University.

The seven-time world champion, who will major in business administration at Tsinghua, posted photos of school entrance notice through social media on Friday, which went viral online.

"My parents seem to be even more excited than I. My dream was to become a world champion while my parents wished I could get enrolled in Tsinghua," said Ke.

The world's youngest Go champion, Ke is one of 948 high-performers in sport to be admitted to 85 universities across China without the need to take the gaokao, China's college entrance exams. They were offered the gaokao exemption in recognition of their achievements in sports, according to a notice released by the Ministry of Education.

Ke told reporters that he is mentally prepared for the challenge of being a student and a go player simultaneously.

"No that I'm going to college, I'll study hard for sure. I'm not simply for a diploma. I hope I can learn something more than just Go, fulfill myself and be a better person," Ke said.

"But I'll continue my Go career as well. I must strike a balance," he added.


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