Beijing 2022 releases emblem seals



Authorized by the Beijing Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, emblem seals made of Hetian greenish white jade and gold were set to be issued with limited numbers later this week, announced the BOCOG on Wednesday.

A total of 2,022 jade seals and 5,000 gold ones will be released to the market on Saturday, according to the organizers.

Pu Xuedong, Minister of Marketing Development of the BOCOG, told a press conference that seals have a long history in the Chinese culture and always been a symbol of integrity.

"The issuance of Beijing 2022 emblem collection symbolizes China's commitment to show the world our confidence in hosting a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Winter Olympic Games," Pu said.

With phoenix as the prototype, the emblem seal is ingeniously conceived and designed, which implies the good wishes for the successful hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The bottom of the emblem is engraved with the emblem of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

In order to ensure the scarcity, commemoration and uniqueness of the products with limited numbers were distributed to each set of products.

The jade seal will be priced on 88,000 yuan (about 12,782 U.S. dollars) while the gold one on 198,000 yuan (about 28,760 dollars).

The products were designed and produced by the original team of emblem seal for 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, and consumers can buy it at official retail stores such as Bank of China.



Editor: Gao Han