Virtual tour service launched for Xinjiang's attractive highway



Tourists can now enjoy a virtual tour along the Duku Highway, one of China's most beautiful stretches of road, through a panoramic roaming system.

The highway, connecting Dushanzi in the northern area of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Kuqa County in the south, runs through glaciers, forests, grasslands and various landforms.

After scanning the QR code, travelers will enter a virtual world with various information on the road that runs for over 500 km, such as attractions, service facilities and updated traffic information.

The system was launched by the Transport Department of Xinjiang. It is available via the Wechat account of the department.

The highway is only open around five months every year due to natural factors such as snow and ice.

This year, Xinjiang carried out an upgrade program on the highway by increasing guard railings, installing netting used for rockfall protection and adding more parking areas, viewing platforms, toilets and garbage cans.



Editor: Gao Han