"Ne Zha" continues to smash box office records, grossing 2.92 bln yuan



Chinese animated film "Ne Zha" continued to top the Chinese mainland box office on Wednesday, its 13th day of screening, the China Movie Data Information Network said Thursday.

The domestic feature grossed 246.54 million yuan (about 35.22 million U.S. dollars) on Wednesday, with total box office reaching around 2.92 billion yuan.

Telling the story of Nezha, a beloved Chinese mythical figure, the film features a daring overhaul of Nezha's appearance and depicts him more as a mischievous boy instead of the hero kid in previous cinematic works.

Coming in second was action crime drama "Line Walker 2," generating a total box office of 169.98 million yuan on its opening day.

It was followed by a Chinese feature film putting spotlight on firefighters, "The Bravest," which raked in 122.70 million yuan.


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Editor: Gao Han