Xiaomi embeds quake alert function in smartphones, TVs

File photo/Liu Chunshan (NBD)

Chinese tech firm Xiaomi announced Tuesday that its smartphone and TV products are now capable of issuing earthquake alerts without using any third-party apps.

The technology, co-developed by Xiaomi and domestic quake alert research lab Institute of Care-Life, will use alarms and pop-ups to alert smartphone and TV users of tremors seconds or tens of seconds before the seismic waves hit.

Embedding the alerts in this manner removes the need to download related apps and can reduce time lag, thus enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of early quake warnings, Wang Tun, director of the Institute of Care-Life, said at Xiaomi's annual developer conference.

The function has been embedded in the latest version of Xiaomi's Android-based smartphone operating system MIUI and MIUI's TV version. The service is now available in southwestern province of Sichuan and will be gradually promoted nationwide, according to Wang.

The new function is part of the company's efforts to promote the application of the Internet of Things (IoT). Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun said the company would step up investment in 5G, artificial intelligence and IoT, and roll out at least 10 5G handsets in 2020.


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Editor: Gao Han