Shanghai's Lingang area announces measures to introduce skilled workers

File photo/Zhu Meijie (NBD)

A total of 48 measures were rolled out Wednesday by the management committee of the Lingang area, the newly launched section of the Shanghai free trade zone, to further introduce and better accommodate skilled workers from home and abroad.

All types of domestic skilled workers who live and work in the area for a required period will enjoy preferential policies, allowing them to directly acquire the city's hukou, or household registration status, or expediting the transfer of their residence permit to a hukou.

High-end overseas talent will be given individual income tax subsidies and the opportunity to take exams for vocational qualification certificates. International students are encouraged to start part-time businesses.

Restrictions on buying houses in the area are expected to be slightly adjusted, providing price-capped commercial housing and "rent-to-buy" public rental housing.

Skilled workers such as lathe operators, bench workers, welders and electricians are also included in talent introduction.

Wu Wei, deputy head of the management committee, said the Lingang area will build a more open, flexible and competitive talent mechanism and further support innovation and entrepreneurship.



Editor: Gao Han