China raises 6 bln USD in record USD sovereign bond sale



China's Ministry of Finance (MOF) issued its biggest ever U.S. dollar sovereign bonds in Hong Kong Tuesday.

The 6 billion U.S. dollar sovereign bonds came in four tranches, including 1.5 billion three-year bonds, 2 billion five-year bonds, 2 billion 10-year bonds and 500 million 20-year bonds, the MOF said on its website.

The bonds' scale and durations are reasonable and could help improve the yield curve of China's overseas U.S. dollar sovereign bonds, the MOC said.

The bonds' investors are diverse and from a wide range of regions, underscoring international investors' enhanced recognition of China's sovereign bonds.

The successful issuance reflects China's commitment to seeking higher-level opening-up and global investors' confidence in China's steady economic expansion, the MOC added.  



Editor: Lan Suying