Guangzhou launches China's first rewarding system for lower carbon behaviors



Dec. 25 (NBD) -- Guangzhou in south China on Tuesday launched an incentivizing and rewarding platform to encourage lower carbon behaviors of the general public as well as small-sized and micro enterprises, the first of its kind across the country. 

The platform has certified the calculations of emission reductions in more than 20 life scenarios. Under the incentive mechanism, citizens could get carbon coins as rewards for green commuting, water and electricity savings, and other low carbon behaviors. Coins received could be used to exchange for commodities. 

It is worth mentioning that eligible emission reductions generated from the purchases of air-source heat pump water heaters and energy-efficient air conditioners, installation of distributed photovoltaic power generation systems, cycling, and tree planting could be traded at China Emissions Exchange at present.

National Business Daily noticed that during the trial run, the platform has gained around 8,000 registered members and more than 70,000 followers.  



Editor: Gao Han