Over 70 pct Chinese students study online via smartphones amid epidemic: survey



About 73 percent of Chinese students use smartphones to study online from home due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to survey results published on China Youth Daily Monday.

Of the 62,446 primary and secondary school students and their parents interviewed in the survey, 12 percent access online courses through tablet computers and 5 percent via TVs.

Since schools nationwide were ordered to postpone spring semesters over coronavirus concerns, 97 percent have moved their courses online, according to the survey, which pooled 3,110 education administrations.

Of the 7,111 teachers surveyed, nearly 30 percent livestream their classes and the rest broadcast existing courses and answer questions online.

The survey also listed problems for students to study online at home, with teachers and parents citing insufficient interaction between teachers and students and concerns over myopia risk.

When asked if they were in favor of shifting some courses online even after the epidemic, more than 75 percent of both the teachers and students and 62 percent of the parents agreed, according to the survey.


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Editor: Gao Han