Hithink Royalflush Information Network announces results of share reduction plan

NBD AI Bulletin,Hithink Royalflush Information Network Co., Ltd. (SZ 300033, closing price: 111.40 yuan) announced on the evening of May 28 that out of capital needs, the company's large shareholders (5%+), including board member Ye Qiongjiu, Yu Haomiao and Wang Jin, and Beijing Kaishiao Information Consulting Co., Ltd.,(transliteration) previously planned to reduce no more than a total of 38.6 million shares of the Company (7.19% of the Company's total share capital) through centralized bidding or bulk trading.

As of May 27, 2020, the term of the aforementioned share reduction program expires. From November 28, 2019 to May 27, 2020, Yu Haomiao and Beijing Kaishiao Information Consulting Co., Ltd., did not reduce the holdings of the Company's stocks, Ye Qiongjiu offloaded a total of 1.97 million shares, and Wang Jin reduced a total of 2 million shares.

Hithink Royalflush Information Network Co., Ltd.'s chairman and general manager is Yi Zheng, male, with Chinese nationality and a bachelor's degree.

(By Tan Yuhan)

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