Wuhan acrobatic troupe resumes performance online



A renowned Chinese acrobatic troupe in Wuhan staged its first performance since the novel coronavirus outbreak on Wednesday, with the audience's cheers coming by way of online comments.

The one-hour-plus rendition of the Wuhan Acrobatic Troupe took place in an empty theater and was livestreamed on popular video sharing platform Bilibili, attracting about 3,800 spectators.

The show included the troupe's signature performances such as feats of strength and bowl tricks, but none saw more than two artists take the stage at the same time.

Theaters and troupes are among the latest in virus-ravaged Wuhan to gradually resume business amid tight epidemic prevention measures. Some are moving their renditions online while others have resumed training for the reopening of their venues.

Chen Jian, deputy head of the troupe, said they plan to hold three livestreamed shows every weekend in the coming two months, despite the modest audience for their first show since the epidemic.

"This may be a good opportunity to upgrade and develop our online service," Chen said.

Performers of the show said their biggest challenges were the weight they had gained during the months-long home quarantine and the masks they had to wear during training.

"Wearing a mask during training makes it twice as exhausting as usual," said Liu Shiyi, one of the show's artists.


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Editor: Gao Han