SW China's Chengdu unveils sci-tech innovation spaces to empower new economy

Chengdu Tianfu Software Park Photo/Zhang Jian (NBD)

Jun. 24 (NBD) -- Southwest China's Chengdu is to unveil a series of science and technology innovation spaces on June 29, as part of the city's continuous efforts to boost development in the new economy sector.

The event, 2020 Chengdu New Economy Double Thousand Project—Special Conference for High Quality Science & Technology Innovation Spaces, will be held at Tianfu Vanke Cloud City. Focusing on cutting-edge technology and "spaces that build dreams", the conference will introduce 100 new scenes and 100 new products in the new economy sector to the world.

Innovation in science and technology is integral to the high quality development of a city. Earlier this year, China's Central Committee for Financial and Economic Affairs decided to promote the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, and foster a growth pole for high-quality development in western China. Building a nationally influential sci-tech innovation center is of strategic importance to the development of the economic area.

The next five years is the starting phase of the economic circle, as well as a key period for Chengdu to foster international competitiveness and regional leadership. Technological empowerment is set to bring more impetus to the development of new economy in Chengdu.


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Editor: Li Menglin