Zhejiang Dehong Automotive Electronics & Electrical: Securities affairs representative Min Zheng resigns

NBD AI Bulletin-Zhejiang Dehong Automotive Electronics & Electrical Co., Ltd. (the Company, SH 603701, closing price: 9.12 yuan) announced on the evening of June 30 that Mr. Min Zheng had offered to resign as the Company's securities affairs representative for personal reasons. In accordance with the Company Law, the Articles of Association and other relevant provisions, Mr. Min Zheng's resignation report will take effect as of the date of delivery to the board of directors, and he will no longer serve as the securities affairs representative of the Company from June 30, 2020.

NBD AI Review: The last time Zhejiang Dehong Automotive Electronics & Electrical Co., Ltd. issued a personnel change announcement was on August 30, 2019, the Company issued eight personnel change announcements in the past year.

According to the Company's 2019 annual report, Zhejiang Dehong Automotive Electronics & Electrical Co., Ltd. mainly engages in automotive parts, accounting for 98.3% of its revenue.

The chairman of Zhejiang Dehong Automotive Electronics & Electrical Co., Ltd. is Zhang Ning, female, 44, Chinese national, undergraduate degree. The Company's general manager is Shi Minxia, female, 46, Chinese national, undergraduate degree.

(By Cai Ding)

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