Shanghai Kaichuang Marine International: Dalian Longtai releases approximately 900,000 pledged shares

NBD AI Bulletin- Shanghai Kaichuang Marine International (the Company, SH 600097, latest price: 9.74 yuan) announced on the evening of July 8 that Dalian Longtai Venture Capital released 900,000 pledged shares of the Company on July 6, 2020. As of July 8, 2020, Dalian Longtai directly holds 2 million shares of the Company, accounting for 0.83% of the Company's total share capital. Also, Dalian Longtai indirectly holds about 4.34 million shares of the Company through Northern International Trust Co., Ltd.'s Northern Trust Yuanbao No. 34 Single Fund Trust, accounting for 1.8% of the Company's total shares. Cumulatively, Dalian Longtai holds a total of about 6.34 million shares of the Company, accounting for 2.63% of the Company's total shares.

According to the 2019 Annual Report, Shanghai Kaichuang Marine International mainly engages in high sea fishing, food processing, fishing trade, maritime transportation, accounting for 49.54%, 33.68%, 13.08%, 2.51% of its revenue, respectively.

Shanghai Kaichuang Marine International's chairman is Xie Feng, male, 53, Chinese national, undergraduate degree.

(By Zheng Zhi)

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