Tibet Huayu Mining: No information that should have been disclosed

NBD AI Bulletin- Tibet Huayu Mining (the Company, SH 601020, latest price: 12.16 yuan) on the afternoon of July 8 announced that the Company's cumulative intraday closing price deviation reached +20% over three consecutive trading days on July 6, July 7, and July 8. 

It has been verified that, as of the date of announcement, the Company, the controlling shareholder and the actual controller do not have any relevant matters contributing to the abnormal fluctuations in the Company's stock trading, nor other information that should have been disclosed.

NBD AI Review: Tibet Huayu Mining's stock price rose 52.38% in the last five trading trading days, while the non-ferrous metals sector rose 15.41% and the SSE Composite Index gained 12.47% over the same period.

According to the 2019 Annual Report, Tibet Huayu Mining mainly engages in metal trading and mining companies, accounting for 57.5%, 42.1% of its revenue, respectively.

Tibet Huayu Mining's chairman is Liu Jianjun, male, 60 years old, Chinese national, high school degree. Tibet Huayu Mining's general manager is Xu Jianhua, male, 42 years old, Chinese national, graduated from Renmin University of China, master's degree.

(By Zheng Zhi)

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