Beijing Trust & Far Technology: Controlling shareholder Zhan Lixiong pledges about 34.18 mln shares

NBD AI Bulletin-Beijing Trust & Far Technology Co., Ltd. (the Company, SZ 300231, closing price: 10.5 yuan) announced on the evening of July 13 that Zhan Lixiong, the Company's controlling shareholder, pledged 34.18 million shares on July 10, 2020, representing 31.27 percent of his holding. As of the date of this announcement, the cumulative number of shares pledged by Zhan Lixiong is about 55.24 million shares, accounting for 50.53 percent of his holdings.

According to the Company's 2019 annual report, Beijing Trust & Far Technology Co., Ltd. mainly engages in banking services, other businesses, telecommunications, government business and commercial services, accounting for 65.09%, 18.72%, 9.08%, 5.31% and 1.8% of its revenue respectively.

The general manager and chairman of Beijing Trust & Far Technology Co., Ltd. is Zhan Lixiong, male, 58, Chinese national, bachelor's degree, EMBA.

(By Cai Ding)

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