Beijing Scitop Bio-Tech: No undisclosd material matters

NBD AI Bulletin-Beijing Scitop Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. (the Company, SZ 300858, closing price: 45.42 yuan) announced on the evening of July 28, 2020 that the Company's cumulative intraday closing price deviation reached 20+% over three consecutive trading days on July 28, July 29 and July 30, 2020. The Board of Directors of the Company has confirmed that at present, the Company does not have any matters that should have been disclosed in accordance with the relevant provisions such as the Stock Listing Rules on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, or any planning, negotiation, intention, agreement, etc., related to the matter.

The Company's 2020 annual report shows that Beijing Scitop Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. mainly engages in compound food additives, edible probiotic products, animal and plant microecological agents, other, accounting for 86.1%, 7.5%, 5.94% and 0.45% of its revenue respectively.

The chairman of Beijing Scitop Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. is Sun Tiansong, female, 53, Chinese national, no permanent residence abroad, Ph.D. The Company's general manager is Liu Xiaojun, male, 39, Chinese national, no permanent residence abroad, master's degree.

(By Cai Ding)

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