Shanghai Xuerong Biotechnology: Yang Yongping releases about 21.96 mln pledged shares

NBD AI Bulletin-Shanghai Xuerong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (the Company, SZ 300511, Latest price: 16.57 yuan) announced on July 31 that Yang Yongping on July 30, 2020 released 21.96 million shares originally pledged to Haitong Securities Co., Ltd., accounting for 16.5% of his holdings. As at the date of this announcement, the cumulative number of pledged shares of Yang Yongping is zero.

The Company's 2019 annual report shows that Shanghai Xuerong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. mainly engages in edible fungi, accounting for 99.05% of its revenue.

Shanghai Xuerong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.'s chairman is Yang Yongping, male, 51, Chinese national, no permanent residence abroad. The Company's general manager is Chu Huancheng, male, 49, Chinese national, no permanent residence abroad, bachelor's degree.

Tips on stock trends:

1. No changes in the holdings of northbound investors in the Company in recent 30 days;

2. The Company received inspection from 1 institution over the past 30 days. To date, 12 institutions have conducted research on the Company.

(By Cai Ding)

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