China issues 6 billion USD-denominated bonds in Hong Kong



China's Ministry of Finance (MOF) has issued U.S. dollar-denominated sovereign bonds worth six billion dollars in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The sovereign bonds issued on Wednesday came in four tranches, including 1.25 billion three-year bonds, 2.25 billion five-year bonds, 2 billion 10-year bonds, and 500 million 20-year bonds, the MOF said on its website.

According to the ministry, this marked the fourth consecutive annual issuance since the Ministry of Finance restarted the issuance of U.S. dollar sovereign bonds in 2017.

The issuance reflected China's determination and confidence to open up at a higher level in an all-round way, deepen the integration with international capital markets, and strengthen cooperation with international investors, the MOF added. 



Editor: Gao Han