Three scientists win quantum prize



Three scientists from the United States and Japan have won a quantum prize for their breakthroughs in quantum precision measurement, a Chinese foundation announced on Thursday.

The 2020 Micius Quantum Prize was awarded to Carlton Caves from the University of New Mexico, Hidetoshi Katori from the University of Tokyo, and Jun Ye from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Caves won the prize for his fundamental work in quantum precision measurement and quantum information theory, according to the Micius quantum science and technology foundation, which set up the prize.

Hidetoshi Katori and Jun Ye were honored for their breakthroughs in quantum precision measurement, particularly the development of ultra precise optical atomic clocks, the foundation said.

The Micius Quantum Prize invites international experts as judges and awards scientists who have made outstanding achievements in research fields including quantum communication, quantum simulation, quantum computing, and quantum precision measurement. Each winner gets 1.25 million yuan (191,100 U.S. dollars) in prize money and a gold medal.

The foundation was established in 2018 and receives donations from private entrepreneurs in China. 



Editor: Gao Han