Jointown Pharmaceutical Group: Shareholder releases pledge of 30 million shares ahead of schedule

NBD AI Bulletin -- Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co., LTD announcement on January 21 announced that the Company's shareholder Shanghai Hongkang on January 21, 2021 released the pledge of 30 million shares ahead of schedule and the shares account for 1.6% of the Company's total equity.

The 2020 semiannual report shows that the main business of Jointown Pharmaceutical Group is western medicine and proprietary Chinese medicine, medical equipment and family planning supplies, Chinese herbal medicines and Chinese herbal tablets, food and health products and cosmetics, etc. accounting for 74.96%, 19.99%, 2.71%, 1.98% of revenue, respectively.

Jointown Pharmaceutical Group's chairman is Liu Changyun, male, Chinese national, no overseas residency. Doctor of Law. Jointown Pharmaceutical's general manager is Liu Yichang, male, Chinese national, no overseas right of abode, bachelor's degree in business administration.

(By Gao Han)

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