Navinfo: 320 million new shares of non-public offering to be listed on February 25

NBD AI Bulletin -- Navinfo Co., Ltd (SZ 002405, close price: 17.4 yuan) on February 22 said after the completion of the non-public offering, the Company will add 320 million shares which were issued at a price of 12.50 yuan, raising 4 billion yuan. The new shares will be listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on February 25, 2021. There are 16 subscribers and they shall not transfer any of the new shares within 6 months from the date of the listing of those shares.

The 2020 semiannual report shows that the new main business of Navinfo is car networking, navigation, chip, enterprise and industry applications, advanced auxiliary driving and autonomous driving, accounting for 45.09%, 27.84%, 12.3%, 10.04%, 3.56% of revenue, respectively.

The chairman of Navinfo is Yue Tao, male, 52 years old, Chinese national, no overseas residency, PhD, researcher. The general manager of Navinfo is Cheng Peng, male, 45 years old, Chinese nationality, with the right of abode in the United States, bachelor's degree.

(By Gao Han)

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