Wuxi Taiji Industry Limited Corporation: Subsidiary signs a major project contract worth 1.7 billion yuan

NBD AI Bulletin -- Wuxi Taiji Industry Limited Corporation (SH 600667, close price: 9 yuan) on February 26 announced that the Company recently received a notice from subsidiary The IT Electronics Eleventh Design & Research Institute Scientific and Technological Engineering Corporation Limited, saying that the latter signed a construction project with Anhui Road & Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. The contract amount is 1.7 billion yuan and the designed time limit for the project is 180 days. The contract has entered into force and will have a positive impact of the Company's operating performance.

The 2020 semiannual report shows that the main business of Wuxi Taiji Industry Limited Corporation is engineering and technical services, semiconductors, photovoltaic power generation, inter-segment offsetting, accounting for 71.06%, 25.79%, 2.78%, -0.1% of revenue, respectively.

Wuxi Taiji Industry Limited Corporation's chairman is Zhao Zhenyuan, male, 66 years old, Chinese national, Ph.D in Management. Wuxi Taiji Industry Limited Corporation's general manager is Sun Hongwei, male, 55 years old, Chinese national, postgraduate degree, senior economist.

(By Gao Han)

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