Marriott plans to open over 60 new hotels in China in 2021

File photo/NBD

Hotel corporation Marriott International announced on Wednesday that it plans to open over 60 new hotels in China in 2021.

The operation of these new hotels, as well as Marriott's existing businesses, will prioritize China's domestic market as international traveling has not fully resumed due to COVID-19.

It will cater to holiday travel demands as well as short-distance travel and staycations. The company also plans to incorporate ways to attract younger guests.

Earlier this year, the corporation opened a JW Marriott in Shanghai, making Shanghai the first city in the Asia-Pacific region to have 50 hotels managed by Marriott.

In 2021, Marriott will not only continue to develop in China's first-tier cities like Shanghai but will further expand its market in other cities as well. For instance, 15 new hotels are planned to be constructed in Xi'an, a famous travel destination in northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

"China is leading the recovery of the global economy despite threats posed by the epidemic," said Wu Zhongxian, area vice president in east China of Marriott International, expressing his confidence in the Chinese market.

According to him, Marriott's businesses in China had recovered rapidly since the second half of 2020 due to the country's efficient epidemic control and prevention measures, and about 90 percent of its hotels in China made a profit. Last year, 36 new hotels were opened by the group in China.

A report by the China Tourism Academy predicted that a total of 4.1 billion domestic tourist trips will be made in China in 2021, up 40 percent from 2020.

According to Marriott International, the corporation will grab the opportunity of China's increasing domestic tourism and apply a more refined operation in China, accommodating to different needs in different regional markets. 



Editor: Lan Suying