Guangdong Hongda Blasting estimates net profit for Q1 of 2021 to be 66 million~76 million yuan, up 85.27%~113.34% YoY

NBD AI Bulletin - Guangdong Hongda Blasting Co Ltd (the Company, SZ 002683, close price: 30.42 yuan) announced a performance forecast on April 7. Net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is estimated to be 66 million~76 million yuan for the first quarter of 2021, an increase of 85.27%~113.34% from the year earlier, and basic earnings per share is predicted to be 0.0881 yuan~0.1014 yuan.

The main reason for the change in performance is that with the effective control of the coronavirus pandemic, operations of the Company's mining services, civil mine explosive services and defense equipment business show an upward trend, and the business performance is better than that in the same period a year earlier.

The 2020 annual report shows that the main business of Guangdong Hongda Blasting is open-pit mining, civil explosion and other income, underground mining, defense equipment, other industries, accounting for 56.7%, 20.3%, 13.89%, 8.03%, 0.81% of revenue, respectively.

Guangdong Hongda Blasting's chairman is Zheng Bingxu, male, 62 years old, PhD, professor-level senior engineer. Guangdong Hongda Blasting's general manager is Liang Fa, male, 44 years old, Chinese nationality, master of laws.

Tips on "Stock Trends":

1. The number of shares held by northbound investors in the Company decreased by 1.5594 million over the past 30 days, representing 0.26% of the Company's circulating shares;

2. One batch of institutions (4in total) conducted research on the Company in the past 30 days.

3. Based on projections of securities firms, the Company's net profit for the first quarter of 2021 is estimated to be 142 million yuan on average. The Company's net profit was 35.6243 million yuan in the same period of last year.

(By Lan Suying)

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