China's 1st building assembling robot rolls off production line



China's first robot for assembling building components rolled off the production line in East China's Jiangsu province, Science and Technology Daily reported Wednesday.

Developed by China Railway Science & Industry Group Co., Ltd and China Railway Construction Engineering Group, the robot is planned to be used for the construction of a metro line in Guangzhou.

Equipped with 72 sensors and 50 cameras, the robot is 80 meters long, with a weight of 460 tonnes and an effective span of 69 meters. It can install beams weighing up to 120 tonnes.

A total of eight independently movable legs consisting of 32 tires allow the robot to walk more flexibly and cross obstacles.

Adopting Beidou positioning technology, the robot has a measurement accuracy of 10 millimeters, and has applied for two national invention patents, said one of the researchers.



Editor: Gao Han